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Rave reviews 4 Loft Waif :

“Most inspired show I have seen all year!”

“Newfangled feminism”

  • Our previous project was an intervention into the (garage) interior. The transformation of architecture into a vehicle for (female) sexual fantasy. The still life, the altar, etc. were specific only to the Garage Sale Project installation.
  • I think we introduced concepts in that space, concepts that weren’t palatable or harmonious – good on us!
  • Loft Waif slimmed her shit down, cut out the excess.
  • Departing from the domestic, we are now redistributing those ‘realizations’ in the gallery environment, and they will be segmented and apportioned. (i.e., cropped photo documentation, antiseptic clean livin’, “allow no dust to cling”) (Has anyone seen SAFE with julianne moore/dir by todd haynes?)
  • When work leaves its origins (be it the the studio, the home, wherever) and goes before a public, it’s still convalescing, albeit under different care. We no longer have sovereignty over the space, because Adobe’s a public space. With that comes a responsibility to show work that is viable. To make plain a real purpose of a gallery space – a vacuum for which we can meditate on singular works. Before was the whole, now it’s every work for itself. Context is nonexistent in a gallery. We can’t attribute a work to the artist’s home or studio because we aren’t privy to the place in which it was created. Likewise, the vignettes we created in the garage aren’t supposed to be made again. They were ephemeral in their very nature.
(an excerpt from Beatriz Colomina’s essay The Split Wall: Domestic Voyeurism)
“Comfort  is produced by two seemingly opposing conditions, intimacy and control.

Intimacy is provided by the luxury of her interior and control is manifest in her ‘gaze’.In this assertion intimacy is structural, control is visual, an image of the interior; the effect of both is comfort.

However the mirror at the back of the display cabinet represents her psyche differently…

The precious objects Mrs. Müller owns are displayed on the shelves in front of her and as such come in the way of her reflection

…Her identity is defined through association with the objects in front of her. The veiled window conceals her reflection; when dusk comes to the Müller House what mantra does she recite?”

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