MISSION SHIFT: Invasion or Adaptation

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Adobe Books Backroom Gallery Presents

MISSION SHIFT: Invasion or Adaptation

Artist Reception: Thursday November 13, 6pm-8pm

Dates on view: November 11, 2014 – November 22, 2014

Curators & Artists: Valeria Gress, Alice Frishman, Emma Sanford; Mentor: Katherin Canton; Summer Session Photographers: Paloma Karliner, Adela Makin

Paola Montoya, Jennifer Nantuna, Avidan Novogrodsky-Godt, Cresencio Tano, Jacob Wong, Kiana Wong, Thricia Ann Zabala, Stanley (Wangsen) Xie

“Mission Shift (Invasion or Adaptation)” is Youth Art Exchange’s Summer Photography exhibition that explores migration, home and local economy in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. The work in this show is the result of twelve high school students doing research and conducting interviews with the goal to better know the Mission, its people and the timeline of change from past to future. The show will display photographs hand printed from 35mm black and white film developed by the emerging photographers/interns of the program.

Additionally, the interns’ own definition of gentrification will be displayed adjacent to their self portraits. Most important they have had the opportunity to ask challenging questions about place and about the notion of “native” to themselves and those connected to the Mission.

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