Open Call for Artists: Survival Adaptations

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Deadline for Submission: MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014

For details on how to submit your work, please visit: 

Exhibition dates will vary based on location:
Adobe Books Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12th
Aggregate Space Opening Reception: Friday, July 4th


Calcagno Cullen & Christian Davies, Adobe Books Backroom Gallery
Conrad M. Meyers II, Aggregate Space
Amy Cancelmo & Michelle Mansour, Root Division

Root DivisionAdobe Books Backroom Gallery & Aggregate Space invite artists working in all media, to submit work for an exhibition entitled Survival Adaptations.

Survival adaptations dictate that “in order to survive and thrive in specific environments, animal species have developed a host of amazing characteristics that help them find food, protect themselves, [and] cope with tough environments.” With a host of shifts and challenges in the Bay Area socio-economic landscape, how do artistic communities and individuals adapt and survive in this changing environment? What does the economically driven relocation of cultural administrators, institutions, artists, and residents of racial, economic, and age diversity mean for the future of San Francisco? What dialogue does this migration have with the development of arts centers outside the city, and how is the perpetual cycle of gentrification being challenged and deconstructed in the process?

Being that we are a group of creative problem solvers, our intention with this exhibition is not to point fingers, or place blame, but rather to explore the creative ways in which artists are responding to the challenge. This is a project to not only reflect on our changing city, but to celebrate those who have chosen to stay and fight, and those who endeavor to redefine and relocate our cultural centers in order to keep diversity and arts a vital part of the Bay Area.

Adobe Books recently faced an eviction due to rising real estate prices, but weathered the storm and relocated with the support of book lovers and artists. Similarly Root Division is currently transitioning to a new location this summer, and sees the renovation of a new facility as the opportunity to be an anchor for artists and educators in the city. One survival tool we have found to be of utmost importance for our organizations is the ability to collaborate and work together in crisis. In the spirit of collaboration and survival, this exhibition is a joint effort between Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, Oakland Based (and Root Division Alumni Founded) Aggregate Space, and Root Division. Through this partnership we will present a multi-platform exhibition exploring artistic responses to the shifting landscape of the Bay Area.

Works considered for this multi-site project might be:

-Traditional fine art media, film/video or installation.
-Social Practice, participatory experiences

*Location of each project will be determined by the jury, but proposals for specific locations are welcome.

For specifics on how to submit your work, please visit: 

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